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Melt Me Down Lace Melting and Holding Spray Hair for lace wig


Melt Me Down Lace Melting and Holding Spray Hair Melting Spray for Wigs, Extensions, Toupees and Hairpieces, Strong Natural Finishing Hold with Moisture Control, Women and Men


  • Professional Lace Wig Melting Hold it Down Spray – This melting spray was carefully designed to create an invisible hold between your scalp and the lace edging of replacement hair systems to ensure a clean, natural-looking finish. 
  • Melt Me Down Spray is a glueless install product for your lace wigs. It is not waterproof. It will work thru normal sweat. If your an  sweat excessively, you should combine this with either the Blu Me Away Lace Gel or the waterproof Lace wig adhesive. 

  • Moisture-Resistant, All-Day Hold – Once applied our lace spray for wigs bonds to your skin and the hair application seamlessly and won’t pull away even with heavy perspiration or high humidity or moisture. 
  • Multipurpose Lace Spray Adhesive – Along with traditional wigs or hair extensions this melting spray can also be used for stocking cap bald methods, toupees or full hairpieces to cover bald spots, alopecia, and full hair replacement options. 
  • Latex-Free Invisible Bond – Gentler on skin and all ethnic hair types our paraben-free hair adhesive spray provides a hold time that lasts up to 4 days without drying out or irritating the skin for a clean hold and optimal support. 
  • Restore Natural Confidence – Our finishing spray for lace to skin application is designed to help you retain and control a natural look that reduces unnatural hair movement, hides the hairline, and creates ideal balance for beautiful results.


Look and feel your best when wearing wigs, toupees, or hair replacement systems by holding them in place with invisible Melt Me Down Lace Holding Spray.

 When you’re wearing a wig to create a fuller, more natural look, be it for style, hair loss, or to restore your personal confidence, you want a finishing spray that’s invisible, offers a long-lasting hold, and makes you look and feel beautiful inside and out. That’s why we developed

Melt Me Down Lace Holding Spray- premium skin/polyurethane bonding solution that’s gentle on skin and helps create a seamlessly hold that looks completely natural

Quick Application, Lasting Confidence 

A quick and easy solution, our holding spray creates the perfect bond between your scalp and the hairpiece that looks 100% natural. No flaky or oily residue, and no pulling away when you start to sweat, or the humidity rises. Perfect for all skin and hair types, and every day, all-weather use, choose to look your best with

Melt Me Down

2.25 oz bottle


Product Details:
Lace Melting Spray Hair Glue for Poly Materials

Supports Wigs, Toupees, Extensions and Hairpieces 

No Sticky or Itchy Residue remaining

Washes Away Cleanly After Use

Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Sizes: 2.25 oz. 

No Latex, Harsh Chemicals or Toxic Ingredients 


Get this skin-safe advanced lace holding spray for wigs, toupees, and hairpieces by clicking Add to Cart above and enjoy a cleaner, all-natural look that leaves you feeling confident.

This is a top lace wig adhesive alternative. 

TOP REVIEWS ON ALL OF OUR SELLING PLATFORMS says they compare it to the Gots2be glued spray but 5 times better!

You can glue down your lace front with your favorite lace wig glue adhesive or lace wig tax along with the Melt Me Down Spray for a even more secure hold on your