Glueless Complete Install (large set) Melt me down & Mello Out spray Trio

This Glueless Trio allows for you to get a daily hold on your lace wig with the use of NO GLUE!  This trio is the power pack trio that will give you nice secure hold on you lace wig for the daily wig wearers.  This large size trio is great for the avid lace wig wearer. 

Melt Me Down Lace holding spray allows for easily daily wear on your lace front, full lace or closure wigs. This product can also be used on polyurethane and silicone cap styles. This bundles includes a Blu Me Away Lace Hair Gel for individuals looking for a glueless hold on their lace wig. 
This product can be used with your favorite lace tape or liquid adhesive or it can be used alone. 

Bundle includes:
  • Mello Out Removal spray 8 oz
  • Melt Me Down Spray  10 oz
  • BLu Me Away lace hair gel 4 oz 
  • Melt Me Down Spray is a glueless install product for your lace wigs. It is not waterproof. It will work thru normal sweat. If your an  sweat excessively, you should combine this with either the Blu Me Away Lace Gel or the waterproof Lace wig adhesive.