4 Step Lace Wig System

We’ve Got You Covered Along Every Step of Your Wig Journey

4 Step Lace Wig Journey System to Make It Easy to Safely Achieve the Fit, Hold, and Look You Want

Our game-changing 4 Step Lace Wig Journey System gives you the power to customize your lace wig journey and get all the products you need to ensure a natural-looking, undetectable install each and every time. This system is designed to not only make taking care of your wigs easy but to also ensure that your natural hair and skin are taken care of at the same time.  

This system was created to protect and support you along every step of your lace wig journey, so you can be completely confident that you’re taking the best possible care of your lace wig, your natural hair, and your skin.


How It Works


The system is made up of 4 steps: Protect, Conceal, Hold, and Release.

Each step contains multiple products you can choose from depending on your own unique needs. The products in each step are numbered according to their strength, so you can easily find exactly what you need.



Extend the life of your lace wig, keep your skin safe from your wig install products, and boost the life of your wig.


This step keeps your lace wig for longer or the longevity of the wig.  Reduce shedding of the hair.  I may add a product that helps with reducing order in the wig.


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Achieve a natural-looking, totally undetectable install by making it look as if your wig is growing out of your scalp.


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Keep your wig from slipping and make sure no one can tug it off. Whether you need a 1-day hold, need your wig to stay in place for a couple of weeks, or need your wig to hold for up to a month, we have plenty of adhesive options to fit your needs and your lifestyle.


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Remove your hair unit without leaving a single trace of residue or buildup behind. Whether you did a glueless install or used adhesive, our lace removal products make removing your wig quick and painless without damaging your wig, natural hair, or skin.


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