It is essential to know the proper care for your virgin hair lace wigs to prolong its life span. 

Many wig users wonder if they should take off their wig before going to bed every day. Or how they can make sure that the wig still looks okay when they wake up.

Everyone wants to look pretty and handsome, so they prefer the lace front wig. It covers not only their hair loss/baldness, but it also helps improve their appearance. And some women just want to change up their look every so often or wear the lace wigs as a protective style. 

The human hair wig can help them show off their beauty with their friends and family. It also helps boost their confidence. Choosing the best quality lace wig is essential in their daily life. 

Common question 1:

Should I need to take off my human lace wig when I go to bed?

For most lace hair wig beginners, they do not know how or whether they should remove it before going to bed. This option is completely up to you. Some professional lace wig companies would suggest taking it off. If so here are some of the benefits of removing your lace wig daily:

  • To avoid your lace front wig sitting on your natural baby hair when you sleep. 
  • To let your scalp breath for some fresh air. 
  • Use this time to stimulate your scalp 
  • Helps keep your wig nicely styled, so you don’t “bead head”.
  • Helps with reducing the shedding of your lace wig. 

So, removing your lace wig off at night has many extra benefits. 


It may take a long time to take off your lace wig at night. You can use Mello Out Removal Spray to help ease out the Melt Me Down Spray off of your hairline of the wig.

If you do not have time to keep doing this, you can wear a wig cap and keep the lace front wig safe while you sleep.  

Common question 2:

The Right Way of sleeping with a human virgin hair lace wig?

If you decide to keep the wig on while you sleep, you need the appropriate wig cap or hair wrap and bonnet when sleeping. These items can help you protect your lace wig with baby hair and keep the lace wig properly installed. 


Before putting the bonnet and scarf or hair wrap on, you must do a loose ponytail so that the wig cap can cover all the hair on your lace front wig. You can also braid a loose plait and tie the ends if the hair is wavy or curly. 

The most prefered cap is the hair bonnet caps that are made of nylon or silk. We suggest choosing the silk bonnet cap. This kind of material feels incredibly soft and silky. That can protect your human hair lace wig very well. 

You can also change your pillowcase to silk. It will help you reduce the friction of the wig with the pillow, which helps the hair on the lace wig. 

You should also tie your hair line with a silk wrap.  This will help keep the lace wig installation intact while sleeping.  This will help keep the lace wig in place for a longer period of time. 

After reading this article, do you have an answer as well? If you have any good suggestions to add to this list, please share your ideas in the comments.

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