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July 25, 2020 2 min read

MY WHY! Why did I start Kafune Amor Hair.....
The name Kafune actually came to over 2 years ago. Kafune is a play on the word Cafune.  Cafune is a Portuguese word meaning to run your hands lovingly thru someones hair.  I even designed the logo 2 years ago. Its amazing how sometimes.  Back to my WHY... I started my related company over 14 years ago.  I started it officially after I found out that I had scarring alopecia. I was seeing a dermotologist every two weeks and getting a sterroid shot.  I was getting a sterroid shot in my arm at first and then it went to shots in my scalp. I would leave the doctors office in complete tears. It wasnt until one of the nurse adminstering the shots that told me the shots SLOW DOWN the process of the hair loss but doesnt STOP IT. She said your scarring area will not come back..
My thoughts was why am I doing this? Why would I put myself thru this much pain? I thought to myself these doctor appointments are a slow death of my hair and my self confidence! Andddd these appointments was bringing me back to the same saddness every time I went there! 
So from that experience, I formed the business Growing Upscale Hair.  My first business was Upscale Lace Wigz.  I serviced many types of clients but I seem to have a connection with hair loss women based off of a video I had posted on YouTube years ago.  Unknown to myself, this video had helped many women that was in the emotional state as me when it came to hair loss.  I originally posted that video to serve as some inspiration to other women who are suffering from alopecia.  
Kafune Amor Hair Care came up as an accessory to the Upscale Lace Wigz business.  It was to service as a brand for lace wig supplies and hair growth products.  So the first step was to offer the Melt Me Down lace Melting Holding Spray to attach your lace wigs.  The goal is to grow from them to expand to all lace wig application products and then to hair growth products.  

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