How Did I Come Up with the Name Kafune!!

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The work Kafune is actually a spin off the word Cafune.  Cafune is a Portugese/ Brazilian word for fondling or playing with someones hair. I actually came up with this name a few years ago.  My thought process in this was that I wanted to always encourage healthy hair, even if I was suffering from central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA). Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia is the most common form of scarring alopecia. It causes destruction of hair follicles, because inflammatory cells attack hair follicle cells. It can affect both men and women of any race, but research shows it affects African American women greater.

Irregardless of my hair situation, the goal is always to maintain what I do have so that it can thrive. Holding on to what I do have is easier said then done at times.  I appreciate the journey.  And lace wigs have been my savior. So until the lace wig journey can end, I will always encourage healthy lace wig wearing while taking care of your crown underneath. 



Shemika J. 

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  • Ruth

    Hello… I’m very happy to learn about your company. Congratulations! I have a couple of comments. There is a misused word in your first paragraph describing how you can up with your company name. Coincidentally the word should be “word” I believe instead of “work”. Also, I looked for grey hair/wigs. I hope you start a line for older women with grey hair soon.

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