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Alopecia (Hair Loss)

Unfortunately, hair loss  is a common problem that affects approximately 40 percent of women by the time they reach 40 years of age, as noted by the American Academy of Dermatology. Although it’s common, it doesn’t make women any less self-conscious about the issue. If you’re one of these women who suffer from hair loss, there is hope, and I’m here to assist.

It’s important to understand why the problem could occur, how to approach the situation from a medical standpoint, and ways to cope with the issue while your hair regrows, if that’s possible.

The hair loss solution may include medical treatment, but you can use holistic solutions like wigs and natural solutions, such as certain foods to eat, to assist in you keeping your confidence in the meantime.

Speaking from experience with my clients, hair loss, also known as alopecia, varies since there are different forms of alopecia and different ways it can affect you. Hair may thin gradually on the top of your head. This tends to occur with age and may begin at your hairline.

In some cases, the hair loss occurs in patches. These circular spots are usually around coin sized. It’s possible for your skin to itch or feel painful before you lose your hair in those areas. Sometimes, your hair may loosen as a result of emotional or physical trauma.

As one of the different forms of alopecia, your hair may fall out when you wash or comb it with this kind of hair loss. Generally, if you experience this type of alopecia, your hair will thin rather than fall out in patches. In individuals who have hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, hair loss may occur throughout the body, not just on the person’s head. Once treatment stops, your hair typically grows back. If you have scaly patches on your scalp along with hair loss in those scaly areas, you may have ringworm. Your hair may break. You might also notice oozing, swelling, or redness where the patches are.

I’ll assist you any way possible at! Losing your hair doesn’t have to mean your self-confidence when regaining hair is as simple as contacting me.

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