Founder Speaks on the legislation of Wigs as Durable Medical Equipment on the The Isiah Unfiltered Fox26



In the wake of recent legislation that aims to cover individuals suffering from alopecia and chemotherapy-induced hair loss as Durable Medical Equipment, Kafune Amor Hair Care founder Shemika Jackson recently sat down with Isiah of Unfiltered Fox 26 in Houston for an interview. We discussed how this will help those who have been left without a solution after losing their locks due to illness or injury - not just on a personal level but also professionally since many professionals wear wigs when they can no longer grow their own hair out during treatments like chemo therapy which damages follicles because it goes right into systemic circulation rather than topical application. 

Isiah asked Shemika if she had to have a therapy session when customers came to order a wig. Our founder felt because she personally suffers from cicatrical alopecia she is able to help support the emotional side of what hair loss feels like to a customer because she is able to relate to them directly. 

People often equate hair with beauty. When the person's locks are gone, it is possible that part of their essence may also be lost-which Shemika understands all too well because she has experienced both sides of this issue firsthand; having lost hers herself over time while simultaneously trying to embrace who you truly are despite any physical limitations imposed on us by nature or within ourselves through trauma/stressors. 

The goal of anyone that purchases from Kafune Amor Hair is to leave feeling whole, confident and beautiful. 

It's your story. It's your crown. Its your hair.

Check out the full segment below:


  • Scheritta Edwards

    I love your interview and I’m suffering from alopecia

  • Shannon Silmon

    I suffer from alopecia and I’m struggling to find good human hair wigs. Can you help?

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