We Were Mentioned on the Black Enterprise‼️ 💜
Some of yall know my story... If you dont here is the short verison: My story was a moment of "failure" (2013) that I later understood that it was a "lesson learned" moment of my life.
It was my visit to the Black Enterprise Business Summit in Houson Tx in 2017 or 2018 (I had no business at that time) that the desires of my heart came back with a full understanding of my purpose.
A year later I launced Kafuné Hair November after alot of prayer yet some apprehension. I put limits on myself thus hindering my own growth. It wasnt until I dived deep in my own relationship and understanding of Gods vision and his timing on my life.
Previously, I would say that I NEVER would of thought to be mentioned in ANY publication, let alone the EXACT publication where I realized a special part of my life's journey💜.
But I NOW know what it feels like with understaning what it means to have crazy faith in Gods vision for your life & his timing‼️
To be continued... 💜
PS.special shoutout to my friend & our converstions that week😘 in Houston. Be mindful of the company you keep! It can change your life!
PSS. Here is the article: 👇
We are so excited! Check out the full article here:

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