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At a very young age, Shemika Jackson desired a career in the hair industry. As a young adult, influenced by family, mentors and professionals, she pursued higher education and received a B.S. in business. With her education, she started a professional career as a tax accountant. In 2003, Shemika noticed a thin spot in her head that grew noticeably larger from first noticing the spot in 1998. Being devasted, as a young adult, her hair was her crown! After visiting multiple specialists for a cure, being prescribed medicated shampoos, and going thru scalp biopsies, Shemika was diagnosed with Cicatricial Alopecia in 2004.

Listening to medical professionals, she began receiving steroid shots in her scalp, with the same end result. At that point, Shemika finally accepted her hair reality. Although it was an emotional experience, it set the path for Shemika to understand cicatrical alopecia. She began to research and develop a better understanding off what her future would encompass.

She began to design options to mask her hair condition knowing that her crown would never be the same. The experience chartered a new path and purpose to pursue the hair industry with drive, passion and most importantly, purpose. In 2007 Shemika began the Upscalelacewigz.com business to service clients that were dealing with hair loss conditions. Over a decade later in the late 2019 she expanded her business and began kafunehair.com. It provided lace wig accessories & hair loss solution products to help service such clients as well.

Since then, Shemika has created customized hair units for 100’s of clients. After years of research and dedication, Shemika Jackson continues to prove that she is qualified in producing quality products and professional services.

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